BreakShuttle's Parent and Student Travel Guide

Need more information on our buses and travel day procedures? Read about the following topics to find a more detailed description of how we operate.


  • Understanding our one-way tickets
  • Boarding the bus
  • Collecting your belongings before exiting the bus
  • Travel day updates
  • Emergencies
  • Weather


BreakShuttle by GroupZoom.com is the largest provider of college and university break transit services in the United States. We are committed to providing reliable, safe, and convenient transit services that allow even the most remote colleges and universities to have a "pop up" transportation network around major school breaks. These one way trips are ideal for traveling to major surrounding cities and then back to campus.

Safety and reliability begin with research, established lines of communication and attention to detail. GroupZoom has relationships with premium charter bus companies across the United States.

Booking trips both ways

To ensure that customers are getting exactly what they want out of a BreakShuttle trip, we only sell one-way tickets. If you have only purchased one of your tickets and still need to purchase the other, you can do so here  http://breakshuttle.com/pages/schools.

Day of Travel

The BreakShuttle will make an on-time departure so please arrive to the bus 15 minutes early with your eTicket printed or on your phone. Please revisit your schedule on our website and in your week before and day before travel emails to ensure that your designated pickup and dropoff locations and times of travel are correct. To keep on schedule and to be fair to other travelers, we leave precisely at the route’s scheduled departure time. We will not wait for passengers who are not on the bus.

Don’t forget your stuff on the bus

You hate when it happens, we hate when it happens. Before you get off the bus please make sure you get all of the important articles that make your life complete - things like:


Backpack and Luggage


BreakShuttle cannot guarantee the return of anything left on the bus.

Keeping your family in the loop

We are committed to providing travel updates as often as possible to make sure pick up and drop off times are accurate and up-to-date.  On travel day we will be providing real time updates via Twitter (@BShuttleSupport) and via BreakShuttle.com. Share these links with your family and friends so they can scoop you up when your bus arrives or departs.

In Case of Delay

The GroupZoom team will make every effort to contact students and parents in case of a delay. We urge you to check the Twitter newsfeed and updates page on our website. In the case of a significant bus delay we will notify you via email.

Emergency Plans

The primary component of all GroupZoom emergency plans and operational efficiencies is communication. We have a direct line of communication with the driver and bus company and they have clear instructions to contact GroupZoom operations if there are any problems. We will contact you with important information in an emergency situation.



Given the severity of some major storms in the last several years as well as improvements in weather forecasting, travel advisories and impending storm awareness get a great deal of publicity. In the event of an anticipated storm warning during a scheduled GroupZoom charter, communication regarding how the storm can/will affect GroupZoom travelers will begin immediately between our operations center and the charter company contracted for the trip. We will keep passengers up to date through email and social media channels. In the event of a cancellation due to severe weather, we expect to have that information with enough warning to be able to contact passengers by phone to explain the cancellation and relay alternate plans.