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Welcome to BreakShuttle’s weekly post sharing news, articles, and trends in higher education and college transportation.  Since 2012, BreakShuttle has provided over 60,000 trips during academic breaks.

BreakShuttle is proud to work with some of the most distinguished charter companies in the country. We depend on them to deliver safe and reliable charter trips during academic breaks. This industry has been especially hard hit by the events of the last six months and they were left out of funding that aided aviation, transit and Amtrak. Without federal aid, it is likely that many of the smaller, regional carriers will go out of business. We encourage you to help us support their efforts lobbying congress to pass a bill providing relief for the motor coach industry. According to the American Bus Association, “as much as 40 percent of its companies in the industry may be out of business by year’s end. Already, 36,000 buses have been idled and 100,000 employees have been furloughed.”

BreakShuttle’s Thanksgiving trips will meet CDC guidelines for charter bus travel. This includes buses running at 50% capacity and requiring passengers and drivers to wear masks.

Please click here for an update on our Fall 2020 travel plans.

Stay safe and enjoy the weekend!

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