Our COVID-19 guidelines for fall 2020 charter trips

We expect tickets for most Thanksgiving trips to be available on our website by October 5th. Schedules have been adjusted and some partner schools have decided to suspend service for Fall 2020. Please see your school page for details. Our COVID-19 guidelines for fall 2020 charter trips meet or exceed state and federal regulations and CDC recommendations. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. All BreakShuttle trips limit vehicle capacity to 50%.
  2. Passengers and drivers will wear masks covering their mouth and nose.
  3. Ticket purchasers agree to COVID-19 liabilty waiver detailing personal responsibility based on health conditions and known exposure.
  4. Passengers will confirm compliance with the health and exposure conditions prior to boarding.

We’ve been working hard to provide the safest most comfortable shared ride home possible. Because our COVID-19 guidelines for fall 2020 charter trips limits capacity, adds logistics and demands more from our charter transportation providers, this year’s tickets will cost more – a lot more.

We understand the difficulty this causes for many of our riders and their families. Unfortunately, additional buses and added cleaning and logistic responsibilities of our transportation providers means our costs have nearly doubled. Our partner schools provide marketing and logistic support, but BreakShuttle revenue comes entirely from ticket sales. If your school has not agreed to subsidize all or part of our additional costs this year, it will be reflected in the ticket price.

Please read How BreakShuttle Works for a simple explanation of our new ticketing process and updated refund and transfer policy. It also includes answers to many frequently asked questions. New this year – Ticketless Travel. You will not receive a PDF ticket after you make your purchase. Your receipt will act as your ticket.

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