Travel day updates

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TTU to Houston 

Departed TTU 08:15am

Lunch break @ 2:00pm

Arrived in Houston: 6:25pm

TTU to Dallas 

Departed TTU 09:05am

Arrived in Dallas: 3:20pm 

 TTU to San Antonio 

Departed TTU 09:05am 

Arrived in San Antonio 3:40pm

TTU to Austin 

Departed TTU 09:05am

Lunch break in Abiline @ 12:45pm

Arrived in Austin 4:05pm 

TTU to El Paso 

Departed TTU 09:05am

Arrived in El Paso 2:55pm MST

UNT to Houston 

Departed UNT 10:15am

Arrived in Houston: 3:50pm

UNT to Austin - San Antonio 

Departed UNT 10:15am

Arrived Austin 4:00pm; San Antonio 5:45pm