Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Why are tickets so expensive this year?

A: In response to COVID-19, vehicles are limited to 50% capacity. All of our revenue comes from ticket sales. In short, we have to run twice as many buses to sell the same number of tickets.

Q: Do passengers have to wear masks this year?

A: Yes. BreakShuttle requires ALL drivers and passengers to wear masks in accordance with CDC recommendations. If you refuse to wear a mask or can’t be bothered to keep it on, we’re not the ride home for you. 

Q: Do you sell roundtrip tickets?

A: All of our tickets are for one-way travel. Round trip travel requires the purchse of two different tickets.

Q: Is my ticket refundable?

A: As per our terms and conditions all BreakShuttle ticket sales are final. However, tickets are transferable either to another passenger or to another trip (within the same school year). A change fee of $10 applies. This year, we are running far fewer trips due to altered academic calendars and expect that more trips may be canceled. If no other trips are available and/or future trips are canceled, no future credits or refunds will be issued. If you would like to move your ticket to another trip, you must notify us by email at least 72 hours before departure.

If you would like to sell or transfer your ticket to another passenger, you must contact us with the new ticket holders name, email address and phone number so we can ensure that the change to the manifest has been made correctly. All passengers must have a valid reservation in order to board. The new passenger will also need to sign a COVID-19 waiver available on our website.

Q: Do you operate your own buses?

A: We do not. We hire fully insured and compliant charter operators around the country to provide truly outstanding service to our passengers.

Q: I can’t find my ticket. Can you send me a new one?

A: You did not receive a ticket. Your receipt will act as your ticket. The passenger’s name will be on the trip manifest and passengers should be prepared to show ID to either the driver or another person in charge of boarding. Passengers should also have a copy of the proof of purchase (receipt) – either digital or printed. Please contact us via email if you need a copy of your receipt resent to the purchaser.

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