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Go Red Raiders! Wreck ‘em!

Since 2012, BreakShuttle has been offering convenient and reliable transportation to Texas Tech University students during academic breaks. BreakShuttle makes it easy to save time and money and avoid the hassle of getting home by providing direct, safe and affordable trips to Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio and El Paso during Thanksgiving, Winter and Spring breaks. We help TTU families from across Texas reduce the financial and logistical stress of having a child going to school in Lubbock.

Originally named Texas Technological College, the college opened in 1925 with six buildings and an enrollment of 914. Today, the campus has been awarded the Grand Award for excellence in grounds-keeping, has been noted for possessing a public art collection among the ten best in the United States and has over thirty-seven thousand undergraduate and graduate students, making it the sixth-largest college by enrollment in the state. Over 90% of those students call somewhere-else-in-Texas home.

BreakShuttle has provided over 10,000 trips to Texas Tech students to and from: Houston - 533 miles, Dallas - 353 miles, Austin - 360 miles, San Antonio - 384 miles and El Paso - 335 miles. BreakShuttle hires reputable charter companies in Texas with years of experience who are recognized leaders in the industry and have satisfactory safety and breakdown records in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration database to operate the trips. And in addition to being the safest, charter buses also provide the greenest mode of motorized transportation.

The Texas Tech campus is located in the heart of Lubbock. According to a 2015 Census estimate, Lubbock had a population of 252,506 making it the 11th-most populous city in the state of Texas. It is the economic center of the metropolitan area, which has a projected 2020 population of 327,424. Lubbock gets its nickname, the "Hub City", from being the economic, educational, and health care hub of the multicounty region, north of the Permian Basin and south of the Texas Panhandle, commonly called the South PlainsLubbock was incorporated in 1909, the same year that the first railroad train arrived. Unfortunately, while some freight lines still run, there is no passenger service in and out of town. The eighth-busiest airport in Texas, Lubbock Preston Smith International Airport, is located on the northeast side of the city, but while it is possible to fly to the cities we serve, airline tickets are at least five times - and often up to ten times - more expensive than a BreakShuttle ticket.

In 2017, BreakShuttle became part of Wells + Associates, building on over twenty-five years of creating and implementing sustainable, cost-effective transportation solutions for commercial, residential, governmental, and institutional developments across the United States including university campuses.