Frequently Asked Questions

To see answers to all of our FAQ’s please visit groupzoom.zendesk.com

Q: How do I get my ticket?

A: When you purchase your trip through our website, you'll get a confirmation email instantly in your inbox. This is your "E-Ticket" and all you need to get on the shuttle!

Q: Do you operate your own buses?

A: We use the same operational model as many regional airlines across the country (Delta Express, American Eagle etc). This means that we maintain control over the routes, the service, the marketing, and ticketing. Instead of operating the buses ourselves, we partner with top notch commercial bus operators around the country to provide truly outstanding service to our passengers.

Q: What if my (friend, family, complete stranger) bought a ticket for me. Can I still use it if my name isn't on it?

A: Absolutely! We keep a database of passenger names, thus the purchaser does not have to be the passenger. If your name is listed on the ticket instead of the passenger's, you can change it by the link in the ticket email, or contact us to change it for you.

Q: Are you affiliated with any of the colleges or universities that you serve?

A: We have relationships with the student governments and student groups at nearly all the schools we serve. However, GroupZOOM is an independent organization (started by students!) not owned or operated by any school. Although many student governments, transportation departments, and dean of student offices coordinate with us and assist in publicity, we are not affiliated with any of the colleges or universities we serve. 

Q: What type of buses do you use? Are they safe?

A: We know safety. All of our buses and charter partners are thoroughly inspected prior to each trip and are all certified by the Federal Government at the highest levels for highway safety standards. If you'd like specifics on a particular operational partner, please email us and we'll pass along the name and federal safety identifier for any of our contractors.

Q: Is my ticket refundable?

A: In order to keep prices as low as they are we cannot offer refunds on our tickets. 


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