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Q: How do I get my ticket?

A: When you purchase your trip through our website, you'll be sent a confirmation email in addition to your receipt. This is your "E-Ticket" and all you need to get on the shuttle!

Q: What if my friend or family member bought a ticket for me and their name is on it instead of mine?

A: If the name on the ticket is someone other than the passenger, you can change it by following the link in the ticket email. 

Q: Is my ticket refundable?

A: In order to keep prices as low, we do not offer refunds on our tickets. However, tickets are transferable, so you can sell it to someone else. Just be sure to let us know, so we have their name on the passenger list. 

Q: Do you operate your own buses?

A: We do not. We partner with fully insured and compliant commercial bus operators around the country to provide truly outstanding service to our passengers.

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