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Safe, Reliable Academic Break Transportation for Students 

Because of isolated campuses and the high cost of tuition, many college students have limited options to travel home and back during breaks. Families with students who don’t live near school know the frustration:

  • Sometimes there’s a last-minute ride with friends, but often a family member takes time off from work to make the round trip.  
  • The nearest bus or train station usually requires a taxi or city bus ride.  
  • Airports are often much farther away than bus and train options.  
  • If a student has a car and parking is allowed on campus, s/he still faces an expensive and worrisome drive - often during holiday traffic.

Partnering with Universities to Improve Student Life

Since 2012, BreakShuttle has partnered with college and universities to get students home and back during academic breaks. By providing direct, safe, and affordable transportation, we help schools make their campus more accessible and help families reduce the financial and logistical stress of having a child in college.

  • We contract fully insured and compliant transportation companies across the United States.
  • We work with schools to develop unique routes that match the needs or their students.
  • We sell tickets through a PCI DSS compliant website. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is an information security standard for organizations that handle credit card and debit card information.
  • Our flexible business model allows your school to:
      • Subsidize all or a portion of overall travel costs to reduce ticket prices for all students
      • Subsidize individuals based on need through discount codes
      • Continue to deploy their own fleet of vehicles but use the secure and convenient BreakShuttle ticketing platform
      • Not subsidize travel at all - BreakShuttle contracts all of the vehicles and students pay fair market price for tickets

Buses are the safest mode of surface transportation

Safety is a top priority in college and university communities. Commercial buses in the United States have a safety record that exceeds that of any other mode of surface transportation. A Bureau of Transportation Statistics, Center for Transportation Analysis showed that charter buses are 46 times safer than driving an automobile.

BreakShuttle contracts reputable charter companies with years of experience who are recognized leaders in the industry and have a clean record in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration database.

Buses are most environmentally friendly mode of transportation

In an effort to become more responsible global citizens, college and university communities have identified sustainability as one of their top priorities. Many schools have initiatives to foster healthy living and reduce the strain on their local environment as well as examine the environmental impacts associated with university sponsored activities and services.

In addition to being the safest, charter buses are also the greenest mode of ground transportation. The Union of Concerned Scientists released a report titled “Getting There Greener: The Guide To Your Lower Carbon Vacation” in which they recommended going by bus, saying “A couple traveling on a motorcoach will generate nearly 50 percent less global warming pollution than they would driving a hybrid car.”

Since 2012, BreakShuttle has made it easy to save time and money and avoid the hassle students and their families experience getting home by providing direct, safe, and affordable transportation during academic breaks. Now, as part of the university transportation team, BreakShuttle also contributes to Wells + Associates’ mission of planning and modernizing university transportation networks.

Please contact Jon McBride, Senior Associate and Director of Operations, to discuss how BreakShuttle can provide safe, reliable transportation amenities for your students.