About Us

BreakShuttle is the largest provider of collegiate academic break transit services in the United States. We are committed to providing students with safe, reliable, convenient and affordable means to travel directly between campus and metropolitan areas that match their living and travel patterns. Our integrated web-based ticketing platform (PCI DSS Compliant), data-driven operations systems and exceptional regional charter partners help us closely match bus capacity and student demand to ensure competitive pricing. Given the often extremely high cost of tuition and added expense of transportation to and from school, many families find this service vital to reducing the financial stress of higher education.

Riding with BreakShuttle is incredibly easy. Students and parents can purchase tickets on our website using a credit or debit card. BreakShuttle immediately sends an E-Ticket to the purchaser's inbox which the student can then use on the day of travel to check in at one of our on-campus boarding points and then be quickly and safely on their way home! 

In addition to being the provider of choice for students, BreakShuttle is also the provider of choice for colleges and universities. BreakShuttle is the only firm in the country that provides fully integrated ticketing, operations, and transportation services to colleges and universities. By offering direct service from campus, BreakShuttle can help colleges and universities more easily attract and retain students who live far away. A partnership with BreakShuttle also helps colleges and universities decrease their students' costs of attending school while at the same time increasing the quality of service provided; it's a win-win. There is no cost-obligation to partnering with BreakShuttle. Our service is free to the school and tickets are easy and affordable for students. 

BreakShuttle is based out of offices in Philadelphia PA, Burlington VT, and Boston MA.  From these locations, we have a full time staff dedicated to coordinating travel arrangements for our students around the country. BreakShuttle uses fully insured luxury vans and motorcoaches (often with WiFi, TVs and premium seating) led by experienced drivers who undergo constant training and testing to ensure that they are they best in the industry.



Have a question? Just shoot us an email or send a message through our support tab - we'd love to hear from you.