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We are working closely with St. Bonaventure University’s administration to have our bus trips follow their COVID-19 response guidelines and provide you the safest most comfortable trip possible. Ticket prices will be determined by the end of September – we are aiming to have tickets on sale by October 1st. Be sure to sign up for our email notifications to receive updates and discount codes as they become available.

Need a ride home and back to campus? BreakShuttle provides safe, direct, and reliable charter trips during fall, Thanksgiving, winter, spring and Easter breaks. We help St. Bonaventure University students and families save time and money and avoid the hassle of getting home with stops in Paramus, NJ and New York City.

BreakShuttle has been offering convenient and reliable college break transportation since 2012. Families with students who don’t live near school know the frustration:

  • last-minute rides with friends that don’t work out
  • airport and flight options that are too expensive or inconvenient
  • drives home at the end of a long semester

Join the many St. Bonaventure students and families who have used BreakShuttle to make their lives easier!

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