Webinar Recording: Outsourcing Academic Break Bus Service Helps Reduce Parking Demand

For those who missed our recent 30-minute Express Webinar on the benefits of outsourcing academic break service at universities, the recording is now available.

Our webinar titled “” was on October 30 and focused on alternative transportation options for college students and their families. We interviewed two transportation officials at University of Kentucky Transportation Services about their experience with:

  • Outsourcing and expanding their academic break shuttle bus service
  • Reducing demand for driving and parking on campus, and
  • Meeting the modern mobility needs of the university community

Webinar Description

Hear from Lisa Cleveland and James Hutchins of the University of Kentucky about how their transportation team has expanded their popular “ride home for students” service in partnership with BreakShuttle. In 30 minutes, you will learn how UK has reduced the demand for cars on campus by creating an easy way to get home during school breaks, including lessons learned promoting a sustainable service that UK families can depend on year after year.

The Background: Better Mobility, More Services for Students and Families

College communities across the country, whether urban, suburban or rural, are developing strategies to reduce driving and parking demand around campus. Like many schools, the University of Kentucky in Lexington seeks to balance the modern mobility needs and demands of the entire college community with reducing the need for parking.

The discussion will center on how to simultaneously improve mobility services for students and families while creating a more sustainable community, with less need for cars. Offering trips to cities within a day’s drive can help schools make their campuses more accessible while helping families reduce the financial and logistical stress of having a child in college.

Listen to the October 30 Webinar Recording Here

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