Road Tripping in Texas: Cheaper and Better Than Flying!

Recently we were reviewing prices of airline flights between various cities. And that got us to thinking about some of our BreakShuttle routes – we take college students from campus to major metropolitan areas to get them home for college breaks.

Price Comparison: $89 vs $350

In particular, we focused on our BreakShuttles from Texas Tech in Lubbock to places like Austin, Houston, El Paso, San Antonio and Dallas – cities we serve. Our one-way trips to and from these great cities are less than $100.

The one-way airline fares to these cities around the same times as academic breaks? $250, $300, $350. Heck, we’ve even seen prices ranging from $650 to nearly $900. Maybe for some, the speed of air travel is worth it.

But think about it: An airplane ride from Lubbock to Houston is approximately 1.5 hours. Add to that the need to get to the airport two hours early, plus travel time out of the destination airport, and suddenly air travel can take around 4 hours of your time.

Now, the drive time from Lubbock to Houston is around eight hours. But in that time you get a comfortable ride on a modern motor coach, a view of a great state, and free wifi. In other words: It’s how you spend your time. We all know how “broken up” air travel can be. We wager that you’ll get more homework done on a BreakShuttle than on an airplane!

BreakShuttle is a good value for the money.

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