Four Schools Targeting Better Transportation: Biking, Walking, Carpool, and Transit

At BreakShuttle, we love transit. And, of course, “shared mobility,” which is what we do – getting students to home and back from campus on our motor coaches.

Fast Company published a great article calling out four universities for their positive efforts in improving transportation on their campuses. The article – and the universities efforts – needs all the attention it can get.

Here’s a brief rundown of these transportation successes:

1. University of Madison – Wisconsin: Using Bikeshare to Increase Bicycle Options

In 2006, only 14% of UW-Madison students biked to class. Eight years later, due to the city’s B-cycle bikeshare program, that percentage rose to 22%.

2. University of Colorado – Boulder: Encouraging Pedestrian

Walking is something humans do naturally, But the way our transportation systems have evolved in the 20th century, with a focus on helping vehicles navigate roads, has dissuaded pedestrians. CU-Boulder has investedĀ in a series of underpasses that let pedestrians cross high-traffic roadways safely. Bravo!

3. University of California – Davis: More Carpooling

UC Davis students love to bike. Around 40% of them use bicycles to get to class. But the university has taken up a number of initiatives to encourage more students to carpool, including revising parking rules and handing out vouchers.

4. University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill: Incentivizing Transit

UNC Chapel Hill has experienced major growth in both student population and geographic footprint. That development concerned administration officials, who feared car congestion. One solution: arranging for free transit use with Chapel Hill Transit.

Want more details? Here’s the Fast Company link:

4 College Campuses That Can Teach Cities How To Do Transit Better

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