BreakShuttle Joins Wells + Associates’ University Transportation Practice

(Tysons, VA – August 1, 2017) – Wells + Associates (W+A), a national transportation consulting firm with a mission to plan and modernize transportation networks, today announced that it has acquired BreakShuttle, the largest provider of charter trips for college students departing and returning directly to campus during academic breaks.

BreakShuttle was acquired from BRIDJ, a Boston-based private commuter shuttle service that ceased operations in April. As part of the acquisition, BRIDJ’s operations director Jon McBride has joined Wells + Associates to manage operations, strategy and business development at BreakShuttle.

“Our company has been involved in improving transportation systems on college campuses for many years. BreakShuttle will complement our existing services in transportation planningtraffic engineering, and transportation demand management,” stated Michael J. Workosky, president of Wells + Associates.

BreakShuttle currently operates on a dozen university campuses in the Northeast, Midwest, Mid-Atlantic, and Texas. Said Jon McBride, “There is a strong fit between BreakShuttle and W+A, whose employees are dedicated to ‘Meeting the needs of a mobile society.’ We expect demand for BreakShuttle’s transportation services will continue to grow, and have plans for expansion to more college campuses around the country.”

Added Terence J. Miller, CEO of Wells + Associates, “This acquisition is part of our overall strategy to expand our services and diversify our portfolio in the transportation field. There is a tremendous connection between our existing services and BreakShuttle, and we believe this will help our employee-owned company to continue to grow.”

About BreakShuttle

BreakShuttle is the largest provider of academic break transportation services in the United States, providing students with safe, convenient, and reliable means to travel directly between campus and metropolitan areas. BreakShuttle helps schools make their campus more accessible and helps families reduce the financial and logistical stress of having a child in college. BreakShuttle makes it easy to save time and money and avoid the hassle of getting home by providing directsafe, and reliable transportation during academic breaks.

Wells + Associates designs sustainable, cost-effective transportation plans and systems for commercial, residential, governmental, and institutional developments across the United States.

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